January 20

Tampa, Florida

@ Coyote Ugly

February 1

Orlando, Florida

@ Haven

February 2

Odessa, Texas

@ Bottoms Up Bar & Grill

February 3

Fort Worth, Texas

@ Wild Pitch

February 3

Frisco, Texas

@ Wild Pitch

February 15

Orlando, Florida

@ Haven

February 16

Panama City Beach, Florida

@ Coyote Ugly

February 17

Destin, Florida

@ Coyote Ugly

March 1

Orlando, Florida

@ Haven

March 2

Odessa, Texas

@ Bottoms Up Bar & Grill

March 3

Fort Worth, Texas

@ Wild Pitch

March 15

Orlando, Florida

@ Haven

March 25

@Mike Bruno's Harley Davidson 

Slidell, Louisiana

March 28

Orlando, Florida

@ Haven

April 7

Tampa, Florida

@ Coyote Ugly

April 11

Orlando, Florida

@ Haven

May 5

Tampa, Florida

@ Coyote Ugly

June 1

Panama City Beach, Florida

@ Coyote Ugly

June 2

Destin, Florida

@ Coyote Ugly

June 9

Tampa, Florida

@ Coyote Ugly

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$10,000 Grand Prize Package per event.

Each contestant who competes will receive a free access pass to any 5 Day Bikini Shoot Camp of their choice
for an opportunity to shoot with up to 10 photographers and 50 magazines. Up to 15 locations to choose from!

You can also call 1-800-935-3160 to register for an upcoming  Regional. No registration fee required. Open to all models. Each Regional Title Holder wins a free trip to our Spring or Fall Event to compete in The IBMS International Finals event where she will have the opportunity to shoot with up to 75 photographers for over 40 magazines. Title holders can also travel with us to up to 15 locations around the world each year for Bikini Shoot Camp.

2018 EVENT



Hosting an IBMS Regional Model Search is an exciting way for your venue to attract guests by the hundreds, or even thousands.  With our extensive network of nearly 100 million collective viewers worldwide, your venue and town will gain maximum exposure. Our loyal models, photographers, fans and followers always love to see where we're heading next!

With nearly 30 years of event production experience, our team can help assist you with signing up modeling contestants, advertising and marketing needs, on-the-ground promotion, the entire production of the event and much more. By becoming an Official Host of The International Bikini Model Search, you will also have the opportunity to attend our International Finals event in Costa Rica or Freeport, Bahamas to cheer on your regional title holder as she represents your venue, town, state and/or country. To take advantage of these additional options and more, please call 1-800-935-3160.

WHAT'S INCLUDED_________________________________

- Social Media Marketing and Support

- 1 Miss IBMS Prize Package                                          
      (Valued at over $10,000.00USD)

- 20 IBMS Pageant Sashes for the contestants

- Item Check List

- Prize Certificates and Prize List for the Top 3 winners

- Prize Certificates for all contestants

- Official IBMS Contestant Numbers

- Official IBMS Judge Sheets

- Contestant Sign Up Sheets

- Model Release Forms

- Host Script and Competition Guidelines

- Rules and Regulations

- Official IBMS Licensing Agreement

MEDIA SUPPORT_________________

With our extensive network of nearly 100 million collective viewers worldwide, your venue and town will be put on display for all to see. Our marketing team has access to numerous social media outlets that are utilized daily.

Our team will provide you with a promotional flyer designed specifically for your venue and event. We also provide each registered contestant with their very own promotional flyer to post on their social media outlets. Each promotional flyer includes your venue’s logo, location and contact information (if requested), as well as, our logo and the event information.

Each regional event provides wide exposure through a variety of media outlets and marketing channels. Are you ready to take it to the next level?

Here’s a quick breakdown of our media reach:

1ST PLACE PRIZE________________________________________

- Over $10,000 worth of prizes!

- The international title and recognition of “Miss IBMS ____(City, State, Country)____”

- 1 Year Modeling Contract with IBMS Model Management

- A $300.00USD cash prize designated for airfare (Provided by venue or sponsor)

- A 7 day 6 night stay in the Bahamas, Las Vegas, Miami, Cuba, Belize, or Tulum, Mexico

(Valued at $1,899.00USD) 

- Complete access to all IBMS events including the opportunity to shoot with up to 75 photographers, 40 magazines, 10 hair and makeup artists, numerous nationally and internationally published industry professionals, swimwear lines, designers, agencies, and more.

- Advancement to compete in “The IBMS International Finals” along with the opportunity to take advantage of over $10,000 worth of professional portfolio building opportunities, networking opportunities, specialized training and experience during The IBMS.

- A 5 day 4 night All Access Pass to all future Bikini Shoot Camps.

(Includes all photo shoots and complete access to the event)

(Valued at $248.00USD per event.)

(Up to 15 events per year.)

JUDGE SHEETS__________________

At The IBMS, we do something completely different than any other pageant or company in the modeling industry. At the end of each IBMS Competition, we make ALL of the judge sheets available for our contestants’ viewing.

 The IBMS strives to promote integrity and we feel that each contestant has the right to view how she scored in our competition. We believe that the contestants can use this as an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve.

- Judges should score on a scale of 1 to 10. (1 being the lowest possible score and 10 being the highest possible score.)

- It is very important that the judges do not write their names on the judge sheets.

- Judges should be placed in an area near the stage where they can adequately view the contestants as they compete.

- When totaling the scores, there should be a minimum of 3 people.

      - 1 person to call out each individual score for each contestant.

      - 1 person to total the scores on a calculator.

     -  1 person to write the total scores and to act as a witness.

- Judges are not permitted to total the scores.

- When selecting judges, each judge should be unbiased.                     Judges cannot be friends, spouses, partners, relatives or affiliates of any of the contestants.

- After being introduced to the contestants, judges must remain unbiased throughout the entire event and judging process.

RULES AND REGULATIONS_________________________________

The International Bikini Model Search strives to produce clean, professional, respectful and tasteful events. We do not allow any illegal or inappropriate behavior, activities, drug use or anything related in that manner to take place during our events. Any of these actions will result in an automatic removal from the event and all future events. Any violators will also be escorted offsite and asked to leave the event.

We have great respect for every model and we ask that our contestants represent themselves and uphold themselves in a positive, respectful, and professional way.

- We do not allow illegal or inappropriate behavior  

- We do not allow illegal or inappropriate activities

- We do not allow drug use

- We do not allow the contestants to dance during the competition

- We do not allow the contestants to wear thongs, G-strings, or see-through swimwear.

- High heels are required

- Each contestant is permitted a maximum of 3 alcoholic beverages before the competition. If a contestant appears too intoxicated or incapable of competing, then she will be disqualified from the competition.

- We do not allow bullying. We expect each contestant at The IBMS to empower her fellow contestants in a positive manner.

CONTESTANT REGISTRATION________________________________

Walk-up registrations are welcome. The IBMS will accept pre-registrations on our Facebook page at or via telephone at 1-800-935-3160. All contestants are welcome to compete in The IBMS. We do not discriminate against any contestant. We believe that beauty and talent shine in all shapes, sizes, styles, ethnicity and experience backgrounds.  Our company prides itself on accepting and launching models, photographers and industry professionals of all kinds. We are proud to be set apart due to the fact that we do not discriminate or turn away from anybody. We believe that if you are ambitious in pursuing your professional career then there is nothing that can prevent you from succeeding and we will be just as ambitious in supporting and expanding your name and brand in the industry.



Contestants can message us on Facebook at with the following information:

(1) City and State of the event they would like to register for
(2) First and Last Name
(3) Telephone Number
(4) Email Address
(5) Social Media

Once we have received a contestants pre-registration information, we will send them our official “Miss IBMS Contestant Welcome Packet” which includes everything they need to know about this upcoming event.

Each contestant will also receive a custom designed promotional flyer that includes your venue’s logo, as well as, The IBMS logo and event information.