Thank you for the nomination. I remember not that long ago when we were in the Bahamas at the 2nd ever IBMS. I look at my work from that trip and I almost start laughing. But that's the beautiful thing with these events, you meet some of the best people in the world, you make life long friends, you are able to work with the best models and photographers from all around, and most of all: you GROW, and then flower into the professionals we are today. Nobody can see the future, but right now for all of us, it's looking really bright. Thanks again guys.

Last week, I was able to attend the International Bikini Model Search Finals in Cancun, Mexico, to search for the next winner and model to represent this amazing and growing brand. Not only is this event an amazing week long in Paradise, but it is also one of the best networking events any model or photographer could attend. A week long workshop, full of gorgeous models and photographers of all levels, come together to spend a week of shooting and partying hard at the hottest nightclubs in Cancun. This is my second time attending IBMS, and I must say it is truly a fantastic event full of wonderful people, not only is it a great environment to learn more about the industry, but you come away with amazing work with your portfolios and perhaps even a few major publications.

Publications such as Playboy Mexico and Kandy Magazine are in attendance, and are constantly scouting for new talent, both models and photographers. I am so happy to be a part of such an amazing event, and able to work with companies such as Ravish Sands and Print Model Management. I was lucky to be a sponsored model for the last IBMS, and next event we are travelling to Punta Cana, which let’s say I’m just a little excited about! Along with the main sponsorship that takes place each event for a few lucky ladies, The International Bikini Model Search has now started an “Aspiring Model Sponsorship Fund” where fans of models and IBMS have a safe way to help contribute to help more hopeful models receive full sponsorship. To find all the details click here… I personally think this is a great idea, since not all girls can save up for such a trip. Personally I cannot wait to attend the next event, and can’t wait to see new and old friends alike in Punta Cana!!!!!!

Since I started attending the IBMS events, my Facebook page has grown from 100,000 to almost 6 million and it has really helped me build my portfolio and has gotten me such great opportunities from the photos that I’ve taken and the people that I’ve met at these events.

If you are a new or aspiring model or photographer or even if you’ve been doing this for a long time and you just want to get some more exposure or work with some amazing photographers or models or anything like that, it’s a great event.

I definitely recommend it if you have never tried it out or even heard of it, check it out. They take us all over the world to amazing locations and you get to work with some of the industry’s best models and photographers. It’s definitely worth the look if you’re in this industry. So, check it out guys!






Thank you, Elina and Patrick McKinney, for an unbelievable experience with The International Bikini Model Search in Cancun!! I'm truly grateful to officially be apart of the IBMS Family! Thank you for allowing me to shine and show my passion for modeling, I couldn't have done with it without you two!

This was an unbelievable experience that I will never forget! I look forward to working with you all soon and continuing to grow not only as a model but as family, too! Still in Shock that I placed 2nd out of 63 phenomenal girls!! I can't thank everyone enough for all the love and support!! I'm officially apart of the IBMS Family and have signed with Print Model Management. This trip has been a blessing!


To anyone considering attending a future IBMS event: do yourself a favor and make every effort to attend one of these amazing events! You will thank yourself later! That goes out to both models and photographers.

From a photographers point of view look at it this way could you on your own take 100+ models to an exotic location for the cost of one of these events? The answer is NO... So there is value in paying whatever to attend these events because there is no other way on earth you will or would have the opportunity of working with all of these world class models if attempting to do this on your own and for what you will pay to attend an event.

Patrick and Elina McKinney, thank you both for all of your tireless efforts and for facilitating another successful IBMS event, giving both models and photographers the opportunity to create lasting friendships and beautiful photographic works. So very proud to be apart of the IBMS family.

The International Bikini Model Search has been a life-changing experience for me and I always look forward to attending all the new events each year. Punta Cana will be my 5th time attending The International Bikini Model Search. The first event I attended was in the Bahamas a few years ago. I was 18 years old and new to modelling! I was actually pretty lost at the time too. I always knew Playboy was my dream but I didn't know how I would get there and I didn't have much experience with posing, doing makeup, or anything model related really. IBMS has taken me in like family and I couldn't be more grateful for everything that Patrick and Elina have done for me. So many doors and opportunities have been opened for me because of IBMS. I sincerely believe I would not be as successful as I am now without this amazing company. From photographers to models, and all the wonderful people that come out to each event, you will always make the necessary connections and network that will help you develop your career. We all work together to support each other and achieve all of our goals.

The best thing about being a part of something like this is that you always have something to look forward to. Patrick and Elina are extremely organized and they always have their next event ready and planned before the one you are at is even over! Having an event to look forward to is really crucial as a model and will teach you the essential skills to become successful in this industry. It motivates you to set goals to work out, eat healthy, and be the best you can be!

Each time I return to IBMS I have my goals achieved even more, I've worked more, gotten published more, worked out more... basically improved everything and more! I'm challenged and exercised so that when I come I can feel the improvement-mentally, emotionally, and physically! I believe there is always room for improvement no matter who you are and that you can always do better and be better inside and out! I've grown SO much in the past 4 events. If you had met me back then you would not believe I am the same person now! I've not only matured as a model but as an individual. I have to give a huge thanks to IBMS for introducing me to companies, and now friends, such as Drew Santos, The Black Tape Project, Vengemedia, Mike Prado Foto, Joe Damaso, and Gary Miller. Just to name a few of the people I've not only worked with at an IBMS event, but have been able to either meet up and shoot with in between events or done appearances and shows together. I am only 21 and I've been published in 9 International editions of Playboy magazine including Mexico, Greece, South Africa, Venezuela, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, and now Mongolia as well. I've also been Cyber Girl of the month for Playboy US and I am currently in the running for Playmate of the Year in South Africa. There is also a lot of new projects I am working on with other International brands of Playboy and other publications, This year many of my favorite pictorials have been shot at IBMS events and I look back on them and am so grateful for the opportunities it has brought to me. It's a terrific and unforgettable experience not just for models, but for everyone. There are so many enjoyable theme parties and shows we attend, it's such a nonstop event! It's something I am constantly proud to be apart of and excited to attend! I could go on forever talking about how great The International Bikini Model Search is, but I think you need to come and experience how outstanding it is and what it can do for your career first hand. Words just can't describe how incredible the experience truly is! I can't wait to meet all the new models, new photographers, and new party goers in PUNTA CANA! I also can't wait to see all my friends coming back and participating again! Never give up on your dreams. You are in an industry where you have to work for what you want! The International Bikini Model Search is an everlasting investment because it will help create, expand, and explode your career!!!

I joined the family a few weeks ago. Although Las Vegas will be my first IBMS event, I have been shooting since I was a teenager. It is only recently that my personal circumstances enable me to pursue my love of photography on a more “professional” and consistent basis. I’ve been running myself a little ragged lately trying to do so many things at once. I have setup a really nice studio in New York and am actively working on a website and various social media pages.
On the personal side, I love helping people, making new friends and having fun with them. I love, love, love making people laugh and I love to create. I have a pretty wild imagination and a fairly good eye (the left one isn’t so bad either). I am a bit of a perfectionist, but I’m working on that.

I am truly grateful to be a part of such a wonderful group of professionals and I can’t wait to meet everyone in person and share some great times together. I will be attending as many IBMS events as possible and more than willing to help out any of you in any way I can. Yes, that includes Patrick McKinney and Elina McKinney. (OMG, what have I done)

Thanks again, you guys are awesome!




It's official! Thanks to IBMS, Gary Miller Foto & Eva Space I will be published in BIZSU Magazine in September!

You can go to Barnes & Noble and see me in their magazine! None of this could have been possible without Elina and Patrick McKinney! Thank you sooooo much for giving me this opportunity!

Had such a great time and such an eye opening experience at The International Bikini Model Search in Cancun, Mexico. Cant wait to do it again in September! So thankful for everyone I was able to meet and old friends I got to see again.

If you're really looking to get yourself into the industry, I would highly advise taking a peek at one of these amazing IBMS events! Cheers to success and everyone living your dreams. Such a pleasure to share it all with you. Each one of you shine so bright! Miss your faces so much! See you soon! Thank you for everything!

I freaking loved it. Lived up to all my expectations. Will definitely attend again!

Back in May, I attended The International Bikini Model Search aka IBMS in Cancun Mexico! I got a chance to meet people I've shared an online friendship with for YEARS! I got to meet so many Playboy Miss Social winners and work with the best photographers in the industry! I made many friends, but most of all, I watched my dreams become reality! For starters, I had never been in a bikini contest before! Even better than that, I made it past preliminaries and into the first round of finals! It felt amazing! On top of that, I am proud to say that I finally got published in a Playboy hard copy printed magazine!! NONE of this would have been possible if I did not attend this event!! I am attending it once again this year in Punta Cana and hope to bring my career to the next level! If you're an aspiring model or even a photographer, and want to attend this event, please contact Elina McKinney or Patrick McKinney! If my dreams are still coming true, yours can too!"

(Melissa Anne met the editor of Playboy México Magazine at IBMS Cancun, Mexico and was published in their print issue with the images that she shot with Joe Damaso at IBMS in Cancun, Mexico.)

To all the models that I have met through IBMS: you're a great bunch of ladies! Standing next to everyone at 28, when the shelf life of a model is supposedly 27, is just incredible! While at times I may seem like mother hen, I have to say that I admire all of you! Each and every one of you have shown motivation, drive and ambition to achieve your goals and dreams! And for me, it helps me place faith in our youth. I honestly couldn't do what many of you do, at my age. When I was 21, I used to be able to run on 3 hours of sleep and still bust my ass, but now, it's very hard! Kudos to the ladies and the photographers as well as the HMUA's who got up at 3:30am to help create beautiful imagery!! As I stood on stage next to you girls I looked around and smiled because although we were all in a competition, the true sportsmanship and cheers for those who were chosen was incredible! For the first time, after the finalist were chosen, I got to witness and cheer you girls on, and realized you are all my motivation! From the fitness models to the posing, I continue to learn how to compete and hope one day that I will compete in a fitness competition and take what I have learned from all of you! Until we meet again!

I highly recommend booking the IBMS if you're looking to expand your portfolio or start one! The quality of photographers and staff are truly amazing! Reach out to Elina or Patrick McKinney for your photo extravaganza! I promise you won't be disappointed! Special thanks to Elina, Patrick and the entire IBMS family for making this trip happen!


I wanted to take a second to say thank you to The International Bikini Model Search for giving me the tools and contacts I needed to become successful in the sometimes, dog-eat-dog industry known as modeling. It has been a bumpy ride. I have had many people tell me I didn't have the right "look" and they always turned me away. However, two people didn't turn me away, Elina McKinney and Patrick McKinney. Now, look how far I have come! Thank you, IBMS, for changing my life!

This contest PROVES that any shape or size can win! I was as curvy as I ever have been. But It worked for me and it was my time. Never be discouraged by who you are because, one day, you'll be exactly what they are looking for!

Thank you so much, Patrick and Elina McKinney, owners and founders of The International Bikini Model Search, for creating such amazing events to help me further advance my career. Work hard, stay humble, be kind to others.

I appreciate The IBMS, Patrick and Elina McKinney for granting me the opportunity to participate in The International Bikini Model Search! I am very happy with how I placed and to be the first Latina to finish in the Top 3! Thank you!

BARBARA monteagudo


I'm here to tell you I started out modeling for fun I am a huge tomboy, I came across The IBMS and thought, "Man, this could be fun." Little did I know what was about to happen. Not only did IBMS meet my expectations but from each additional event I attended they exceeded and excelled!!! If you don't walk away from IBMS with a feeling of hope, dreams, achievements, accomplishments, family, love, etc..... then you approached that event wrong. IBMS is an opportunity, a chance, a moment, or risk of you putting yourself out there and being willing to risk judgement, failure, disappointment, whatever else on yourself. IBMS is every girl's dream of an industry opportunity of becoming a model. IBMS has created so many model, photographers, publications.... the list goes on and for everyone that walks away from IBMS that doesn't have that feeling then I feel sorry for you because being a small Tomboy from Montana I never thought that I could be published in multiple magazines or accomplished what I have. I carry multiple titles with IBMS and I am honored for all of them. Not only do I have multiple titles with IBMS, but shortly after being crowned first runner-up of the year with IBMS, I was given the great honor of being named an ambassador, a title which I carry with great pride. IBMS is a blessing to any girl that dreams of becoming a model because they give you that chance, that opportunity, that moment, that feeling of accomplishment to be yourself with a support system. Being a model is not easy, being a model takes work, being a model takes dedication and if you read from the people that truly appreciate what IBMS has the offer and you truly appreciate it then you would really respect and cherish every event you walk away from with IBMS. You get a family that supports you and stands behind you and believes in your dreams, too. You may not walk away from every event with your dreams being immediately met but if you put in to IBMS what you truly want out of being a model then you could not walk away ever feeling like you failed. The only one you have to blame for that failure is yourself. In closure, I want to say thank you Patrick, Elina, and every other IBMS family member you have made IBMS great.

Any ladies who are aspiring models or photographers, I highly recommend attending the IBMS! Elina McKinney and Patrick McKinney host an incredible event! I am so happy I went! I learned a lot about my self as a model and got to work with outstanding photographers! All the other models are so nice and encouraging! Everybody there is there for the same reason: publications, networking and making new friends! So, it was nice to have soooo many other people you could relate with that share the same intentions! IBMS YOU ROCK!!!

Such an incredible experience with the IBMS! I want to say thank you to all the models and photographers who made this experience one to remember! A special thank you to Patrick McKinney and his beautiful wife Elina McKinney for hosting an event full of opportunities! Thank you to all the models and photographers for an experience I'll never forget ! Such an amazing event thank you, Patrick and Elina! Looking forward to seeing all of you again! Much love!



Being the official swimwear sponsor of The International Bikini Model Search has been an asset to Ravish Sands Swimwear.

Our fan page has quadrupled and our exposure has been international. The Bahamas was our first experience with IBMS, however, I have linked up with other companies in the past and none ever delivered, so, I was thrilled to see how above and beyond IBMS goes to make their events a success. I had the opportunity to work side by side with Patrick and Elina McKinney (Founders of IBMS) and they are amazing people to work with.

The professionalism of the event is what had me hooked and I am looking forward to continually working with them in the future. I highly recommend models, photographers and more to take the opportunity to sign up and attend any of The International Bikini Model Search events.


If you ever want to experience an event where photographers, model, makeup artists, hair stylists, magazines and promoters come together from all over the world in an all inclusive resort on a tropical island with the the potential to invest in your future in the fastest and most productive way?

Well then this is the trip for you!



There is no better feeling than accomplishment!

After two weeks, I've only gotten back a few photos, but with each new photographer I am shocked with amazement of the growing talent of everyone involved! Thanks you so much, Elina and Patrick McKinney, for creating such productive & beautiful fellowship among professionals! I have the best memories of my 1st fashion show, now I know why everyone loved it so much!


I would say that the whole experience was great.

I met some amazing people from all over. I've made friends that I still keep in contact. It was like a mini vacation plus doing what I love. I love shooting especially on the beach.

I'm so glad I went and I would advise anyone to take a chance and go try it.


Give credit where credit is due.

Thank you to Patrick McKinney and Elina McKinney with The International Bikini Model Search for running these amazing events where one can grow their modeling career and network with the right individuals to pave the way to success. Also special thanks to Photo by Joe Damaso for shooting my FIRST playmate pictorial, so glad it was you! If I had not attended IBMS in Cancun or Punta Cana I doubt I would have this Playmate of the Year title with Playboy Mexico which means the WORLD to me. I'm not saying it was easy, I walked a rocky road with persistent eyes. I added the tools I need to my belt from attending IBMS and what took off from that I could have only dreamed of. Also shout out to my AMAZING and ATTENTIVE trainer Jem Yeh! Invest in yourself. Invest in your dreams. Love my IBMS family!!!

Playboy México Playmate of the Year
Playboy Cover Model
Playboy Playmate

I have had the opportunity to attend the IBMS twice. Both times I got something out of it. The first time I was going in blind not sure of anything and trying to stand strong on my own which is hard when you are in a HUGE group of beautiful women and talented photographers. I was grateful to work with so many amazing photographers and have my dream of being a Playboy model come true which I thought would never happen. I was CGOM for Playboy Mexico August with Michael Abrams AND a featured model in print with Playboy Venezuela with Joe Damaso. I also had my first cover by Rjay Gamboa for Players Magazine and was featured in October's Southern Vixen's Magazine with Gary Miller's talent. I STRESS that I would never have had the opportunity to shoot with so many wonderful photographers and get the chance to submit to these publications without the connections I made through IBMS. This was amazing for me because I work 2 jobs on top of squeezing in my modeling. I had the best of the best shooting me in a beautiful location you can't replicate which led me to getting published. Personally, IBMS Cancun was a moving experience.

What I got out of IBMS Punta Cana was the same on the level of talent with photographers but I also developed more friendships than in Cancun and had lots of laughs worth more than any magazine cover, girls you know what I'm talking about. There was such a level of excitement for me as I did not get to do the bikini contest in Cancun since I arrived late. I had never done one but everyone was so welcoming and supportive! I think I gained some confidence whether it was from making a fool of myself and not caring or rocking it. I also interacted more with Patrick and Elina and truly felt their REAL vibe. Elina was so positive and affirming in the bikini contest. She made me feel like a million bucks before I went on stage and said "You are here for a reason." That stuck with me. I was moved my Patrick's speech on the last night about him acknowledging his weak points and admitting he wants to be better, that shows character and I can only admire someone who is real and not only highlights their achievements but their struggles to make themselves better and actually ENCOURAGES feedback. This is why I stand behind the International Bikini Model Search and am thankful for them standing behind me as well!!!



Thank you again to Patrick and Elina McKinney for putting together another amazing event. It was great seeing old and new faces. I met lots of friends that are now part of the IBMS family. Too many names to mention. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on the next IBMS event.

Thank you, IBMS, for being a part of my continued success in the industry.


Had a great time seeing old acquaintances and making new friendships. That's what it all about.

Over 11,000 images and still loading. Sorry if I don't get to all of you lovely models right away. Thanks, Patrick and Elina McKinney, for spending so much time making things work. The list of friends is way too long to tag everyone. You all know who you are! Welcome to the Hot Tropix!


I am so proud to be a part of this group. Every single person here inspires me to do better than I did yesterday. Thank you to Patrick McKinney and Elina McKinney for everything I've learned along our path together and for the opportunity to grow with you all in the future! I want to help other models like me. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to do just that. I love my IBMS family!

Things have definitely changed in my modeling career after I won The International Bikini Model Search.

I have at least 2 shoots every week. And one of them will be a submission for Esquire!

All of this because IBMS helped me to be noticed. This is so wonderful. I can't thank you guys enough for all what you do.




"Remember kid, there's heroes and there's legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die, follow your heart kid, and you'll never go wrong"

I had a great time meeting new people in Punta Cana and shooting on the beautiful beaches. Thank you, Elina McKinney and Patrick McKinney, for everything this week. Jenny Blendermann, Crystal Danos, Kelsey Morse, Angela Patricia; hope to see you ladies again soon!

Never doubt yourself and never lose site of your dreams. I learned something special from each of you. Anyways: Follow your heart in life. Good luck with everything and I hope to see you all in magazines!




The International Bikini Model Search provided me with the chance to meet & work with phenomenal photographers from all over. From my experience with IBMS, I realized not only my true potential but also my biggest passion.

Thank you, Elina McKinney & Patrick McKinney.


Today, I am so excited to make an announcement! As a 4th time attendee of The International Bikini Model Search, my hard work and dedication has paid off. I was announced as an Official IBMS Model Ambassador!

I am so very honored to hold this title proudly! I want to congratulate my fellow dream team on their accomplishments as each and every one is an inspiration! Congrats to my IBMS Sisters, Khloe Terae, París Chanel, Samantha Rodriguez, Bianca Shane, Lindsay Marie Gilstorm, Kristy Seguin and Hanaa Love!

Helping other models grow through the industry is a great motivation for me and I can't wait to continue to inspire others to follow their goals and dreams! Thank you, Patrick McKinney and Elina McKinney, for giving me this amazing opportunity! I love you all!


All of my dreams came true.

I just want to thank everyone that made it possible. I'm ecstatic to announce I'm living out my dream as a Playboy Playmate. I have had the pleasure of making new friends that will last a lifetime. Some are gorgeous models others are talented photographers and strong business owners but most importantly they're my IBMS family. This was an absolutely amazing event and I couldn't be happier to call myself Miss International Bikini Model Search 2013!

This is what its about...

Family helping each other grow..not being in competition! Thank you, Patrick McKinney and Elina McKinney, for hosting another great event!






Thanks to Elina and Patrick McKinney for this wonderful event! It was so beautiful and amazing. I worked a lot, I did like 15-16 shoots. All of the magazines and photographers wanted to work with me but, unfortunately, I didn't have time for everybody this week. In the competition, I didn't win the title but I already did 3 different shoots for 3 different Playboy editions, shot for the Playboy México, too, Kandy Magazine, WTF Magazine, FHM Norway, did a test shoot for Maxim Magazine, The White Tank Project, worked with the most popular glamour photographers in amazing locations and I signed a contract with Print Model Management, so I am very happy and proud and thanks for The International Bikini Model Search Hungary team for sending me here and congrats for Morgan Maria! See you in September on the next IBMS event!



Thank you guys for all your support along the way!! I've been truly blessed with great opportunities and new friends because of IBMS. If it wasn't for IBMS and Print Model Management, I would never have known about this Monster Energy contest and became the official Monster Energy Girl Winner! So a special thank you to everyone at the IBMS family XO.

I'm so thankful for all the opportunities and the people that God has recently put into my life. A special thank you to the whole team at IBMS and Playboy Mexico for making my dreams come true by making me a Playboy Playmate!

First off.....I want to thank Elina McKinney and Patrick McKinney for having me for the 3rd consecutive time in the International Bikini Model Search competition. I have never traveled so much, and been able to meet such amazing people in my life until my IBMS Family. I have gone through many ups and downs in my life, and had no kind of confidence to be a model anymore because I did not feel like I was worth it....however, one day I had a friend who told me about the IBMS and how they treat you like you are family and how you are more than just a pretty face. I decided to give it a try, and little did I know that I would meet my best friends, amazing photographers, and more than that a new family. I have traveled to many places, and met these beautiful and talented models from all over the world that are affiliated with Maxim, Playboy, FHM, and many more!!! Such drive and determination inspired me to become a model again!

I am so fortunate to be part of the IBMS family and thank them for the confidence and motivation, that they installed in me to make me strive for more. They have helped me in copious ways and continue doing so....what more can I ask. They better me in becoming a bigger and more published model.....and (hopefully) soon to be actress ! They do everything and anything in their power, and I thank you guys from the bottom of my heart....

To all the have been my closest friends... especially Bianca Shane who has recently been announced our IBMS North American Spokesmodel.
She has always been welcoming and has been so good and true to me as a person, model, and more importantly friend. All the girls that have been there such as Hope Rain, Holly Wolf, Heidi Jo, Pashence Marie, KiiKi Lee, Chelsea Lee, Chloe Terae Thomson, Caitlin Wilbor, and many more if I missed you (I SAWWYYY), you girls are amazing and so beautiful in so many ways, and I am so proud to be standing next to you girls on stage. I am so happy to call you all my sisters in this family, and I hope you can too....I love all of you and wish you luck in all of your endeavors. I want you all to matter how far you are or what trouble comes your way.....text me, message me, talk to me....I am here!!!! I also want to give a huge shout out to Lizzeth Acosta who I shot with Rogger Gear and Pravin Shaw (who are amazing photographers) a congratulations on winning MISS IBMS 2014 in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!!! You had rocking body, and humble personality and you are sooooo sweet. Btw thank you for letting me borrow your lotion that made me glow....I am stocking up on that!!! I want to thank the photographers who have also been diligent and patient with me and have done nothing but shoot amazing shots of me...thank you Joe Damaso, Greg Aldous, Rjay Gamboa, Francis Gamboa, Blue Gamboa, Drew Santos and many more if I missed you!!! Thanks to these photographers I have been published internationally in India, Canada, and USA!!

On a closing note, the International Bikini Model Search has opened its doors to many photographers, models, and businesses that want to strive in their goals just like everyone does in this line of not forget the ones who help you strive to the best of your abilities and puts you out there for the world to see your talents and what was unknown to the world....because every day you wake up you will say to yourself.....